Rev. Curtis Green for US Congress

New Vision. New Direction.

“We need competing voices and not just accept the establishment because we are comfortable with it or because it's familiar. Change requires change, and sometimes we need to stir up the pot.”

Why am I running?

My name is Rev. Curtis Green, and I am running to represent the 2nd congressional district of New Jersey. My focus is on issues and policies that will uplift the people of South Jersey.

I am a Pastor, a Veteran, a Police Chaplain, an Educator, an Author, and a Business Owner

 I’m running because I’m concerned about what I see happening in our Nation and South Jersey.

There is a wave of change happening across America and South Jersey, but unfortunately, most of it is not positive. We must work together to eliminate hatred, create unity and understanding, eliminate joblessness and fight against union injustice.

For years I have seen injustice on many fronts in our communities. By way of racial lines, economic imbalance, educational opportunities, and healthcare issues.

It’s time for a change in the right direction. But to create this change, we need a new voice to represent us in Washington and in South Jersey. Someone who will put people before party.

I believe people want to be heard and want to know their voice matters. I am here to listen to what you have to say.

I don’t just hear; I listen because your voice matters.

I am running for Congress to work for you and bring New Vision and New Direction to South Jersey. Together, we can get it done.

Leader. Believer. Unifier.

Raised in a working-class family, Rev. Green is a progressive leader who has spent his life encouraging people to work for a better future. He is working daily to increase self-awareness for all people and create unity and understanding through community outreach. Rev. Green is working for you and will not stop until we have unification, improvement, and elevation with sustainable economic opportunities for all.

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