Rev. Curtis Green for US Congress


EDUCATION (My greatest passion)

The most excellent tool of socioeconomic mobility should be education. New Jersey is currently the #2 ranked school system in the country. We have great schools and outstanding teachers. The Garden State can be a hub of innovation and ingenuity, so our state needs to build on our world-class education to produce the next generation of leaders and thinkers. ​ As your Congressman and an educator, I will work to protect teachers' rights. You cannot have strong schools without solid teachers.

Free Community College. As a Nation, we face a $1.2 trillion U.S. student loan bubble, with the bulk of this debt belonging to America's lower and lower-middle classes. Worse yet, about 79 percent of students from the lowest-income households will never graduate. However, they'll still have to pay back those loans. The combination of high debt and no degree sends these 'worst-case scenario' individuals to economic jail for decades, perhaps forever. – A way of relief, Free Community College.

Expand Access and Reduce the cost of Early Childhood Education. The cost of childcare is overwhelming for every middle-class family. More and more studies show the extraordinary social and educational benefits of placing children in educational settings before kindergarten. I support the expansion and subsidy of Head Start and pre-k programs to help more families who want to put their children in these settings can afford to do so.

School Safety When parents send their children off to school, there should be a feeling of peace knowing their child is safe. For many, that sense of security has been lost. As your Congressman, I will work hard to ensure our schools are safe and our children and teachers protected. There is no price we can place on the well-being of the next generation. I will do all I can to ensure they have a bright future. I will work for; All schools to have shooter training and practical drills; All schools to have full-time trained School Resource Officer; Creating a committee to assure all schools are equipped to handle an active shooter; Assuring there is funding allocated for preparing schools to be protected from an active shooter.


Our families are struggling while Republicans are giving tax breaks to the wealthiest 1%. Once in Congress, I will bring an end to income equality by working for a $15 minimum wage. No one working 40 hours a week should live in poverty. I will work for; A fair workweek so that workers have a schedule they can count on and still have time for family. Reversing the tax cuts that are a feast for the wealthy and cruel on working families. Making it easier for workers to join unions by fighting for the Employee Free Choice Act.


For the wealthiest nation in the world, our spending on healthcare outcomes is dismal. Many living in New Jersey still lack health insurance. Even when they have health insurance, they cannot afford expensive copays, predatory fees, and costly drugs. Only by guaranteeing healthcare for all can we ensure our people's physical and mental health. ​I will work for; Establishing Universal Healthcare for All; Cracking down on Predatory Health Fees & Charges; Lowering the Price of Essential Pharmaceuticals. 


We are living in a time that the country is divided racially, economically, and even spiritually. Many believe we are seeing a new wave of police brutality with the many reported police killings. This, however, is not true. The killings have not increased; the others are just not getting recorded. The problem is not new; there is no overarching collaborative effort to change the system. We need our men and women of the police; we just need to create better training and accountability. As a Chaplain with the Mount Laurel Police Department, I see firsthand what these brave men and women go through. I believe I have a plan to bring unity and understanding among police and the community. I will work for; Better training and accountability; Better community engagement; Better compensation, More transparency. 

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